Starbucks, the global coffee giant, is known for its commitment to providing a positive work environment and excellent employee benefits. As a result, many teenagers may wonder if they can join the Starbucks team. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the age requirements, job opportunities, and the application process for teens who are interested in working at Starbucks.

Minimum Age Requirements at Starbucks

According to Starbucks’ official policy, the minimum age to work at their stores is 16 years old. However, the age requirement may vary depending on the local labor laws and regulations of the region or country where the store is located. It’s essential for teens to check their local laws and the specific Starbucks location they’re interested in applying to before submitting their application.

Exceptions for Teen Barista Programs

In some cases, Starbucks may offer work opportunities for younger teens through specialized programs. For instance, the Starbucks Work Placement Program or the Opportunity Youth Initiative may offer positions for teens as young as 15 years old. These programs aim to help younger teens develop valuable job skills and experience in a supportive environment.

Job Opportunities for Teens at Starbucks

There are several entry-level positions available for teens who meet the age requirements at Starbucks, including:


As a barista, teens will be responsible for preparing and serving Starbucks’ signature beverages, operating the cash register, and maintaining a clean and welcoming store environment. This position offers excellent customer service and teamwork experience, and it’s an ideal starting point for young job seekers.

Shift Supervisor

Shift supervisors are responsible for managing store operations during their assigned shifts, ensuring that baristas perform their duties efficiently and that customers receive exceptional service. This position may be suitable for older teens with prior work experience, particularly in a leadership role.

Benefits of Working at Starbucks

Starbucks offers a range of benefits for its employees, which may include:

  • Competitive wages
  • Flexible schedules
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Employee discounts
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement

How to Apply for a Job at Starbucks

Teens interested in working at Starbucks should follow these steps to apply:

1. Research Local Starbucks Locations

Begin by researching nearby Starbucks locations and checking their specific age requirements. This information can be found on the store’s website or by contacting the store directly.

2. Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter

Create a resume that highlights any relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments. Additionally, prepare a cover letter that explains your interest in working at Starbucks and how you can contribute to the team.

3. Submit an Online Application

Visit the Starbucks careers website and create an account to submit your application. Be sure to provide accurate and complete information, including your age, contact details, and work history.

4. Prepare for the Interview

If your application is selected, you may be invited for an interview. Prepare by researching common interview questions, practicing your responses, and dressing professionally for the meeting.

employees to be at least 16 years old in most cases, there are exceptions and opportunities for younger teens through specialized programs. Jobs at Starbucks offer competitive wages, flexible schedules, and a range of employee benefits. To apply, research local Starbucks locations, prepare a resume and cover letter, submit an online application, and prepare for a potential interview. Working at Starbucks can be an excellent opportunity for teens to gain valuable work experience and develop crucial skills for their future careers.

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